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PropertyJames LaceyVendor ChallengesSpecial OfferAfter Hours Emergency Procedure1 Gavin Court Dromedary338 Murray Street North Hobart35 Sixth Avenue West Moonah69 Gormanston Road MoonahUnits 1 & 2/82 Amy Street West Moonah22/10 Waterworks Road Dynnyrne10/351 Sandy Bay Road, Sandy Bay27 Stourton Street, Rosetta19 Burrows Avenue, Moonah65 Montagu Street, New Norfolk45 Grevillea Avenue, Old Beach131 Springfield Avenue, West Moonah59 Kellatie Road, Rosny - SOLD for $588,888Unit 2, 35A Quarry Road, Mornington17 Erin Close, Brighton12 Cordelia Court, Rosetta21 Grevillea Avenue, Old Beach3 Beverley Grove, West Moonah106 Springfield Avenue, West Moonah18 Rheban Road, Orford2/22 Alma Road, Orford2 Summerhill Road, West Hobart1/698 Oceana Drive, Tranmere19 Pulpit Rock Road, New Norfolk48 Cuthbertson Place, Lenah Valley32 Montrose Road, Montrose Tas115 Marys Hope Road, Rosetta60 Sunshine Road, Austins Ferry43 Easton Avenue, West Moonah58 Jetty Road, Old Beach38 Tasman Highway, Sorell8 Wallcrest Road, Berriedale96 Bowen Road Lutana134 Branscombe Road, Claremont42 Clives Ave, Old Beach54 Charles Street, Moonah253 Lyell Highway GrantonUnit 1/9 Coach Road Chigwell9 Brooke Street Brighton44 Paringa Road Glenorchy104 Charles Street Moonah267 Baskerville Road Old Beach16 Donald Court, GlenorchySOLD FOR $880,00020 Fosbrook Court, Montrose68 Ruth Drive, Lenah Valley81 Black Brush Road Mangalore45 Centenary Crescent Claremont33 Burrows Avenue, Brighton90 Coleman Street, Moonah35 Walch Avenue, Moonah8 Mount View Road, Glenorchy3 Baldwin Place, Lenah Valley3 Sunnyside Road, Lindisfarne57 Jetty Road, Old Beach4 Valley View Close, Sorell1 Eden Place, Howrah78A Malunna Road, Lindisfarne111 Bowen Road, Lutana3 Coghlan Court Old Beach22 Kallay Court, Berriedale8 Julie Street, Lindisfarne85 Hance Road, Howrah2-44-Twelfth-Avenue-West-Moonah49 Grevillea Ave, Old Beach2 Woodtha Street, Carlton3-64-Regent-Street-Sandy-Bay33 Burrows Avenue, Brighton-COPY2 Nambour Place, Montrose58 Jetty Road, Old Beach15 Dawkins Court, West Moonah76-Central-Avenue-Moonah32 Atherton Avenue, West Moonah30 Maluka Street, Bellerive22 Caversham Road, West Moonah101 Brent Street, Glenorchy20 Cowper Road, Claremont71 Crosby Road, Rosetta103 Sycamore Road, Risdon Vale4 Redside Drive, Brighton37 Purdon Street, Old Beach74 Henley Street, Lindisfarne82 Ashbourne Grove, West MoonahUnits 1 & 2 82 Amy Street, West Moonah2/51 Milton Crescent, Moonah16/210 Chapel Street, Glenorchy2 Ethan Court, Brighton12 Doulton Court, Glenorchy4a Gregson Avenue, New Town - SOLD $247,00037 Purdie Street, West Moonah1/2 Crozier Place, Warrane11 Stafford Court, West Moonah1/7 Devenish Drive, Sorell3-54 Duke Street, Sandy Bay 2/4 Boa Vista Road, New Town8 Ollie Drive, Sorell9 Barunga Place, Glenorchy22 Tracy Road, Austins Ferry613 Tunnack Road, Parattah90 Nowra Road, Roches Beach20 Lichan Place Glenorchy4 Central Avenue, Moonah27 Creed Court, Brighton20 Cornwall Street, Rose Bay30 Walch Avenue, Moonah3 Cashion Court, Lutana19 Paringa Road, Glenorchy34 Clinton Road, Geilston Bay94 Hopkins Street, Moonah1/2 Lucia Court, Glenorchy4/5 Philip Ave, Montrose2/104 Abbotsfield Road, Claremont22A Jetty Road, Old Beach33 Albion Road, Bridgewater11 Garden Road, Moonah15 McGough Street, Glenorchy3/1 Riverway Road, Montrose47-49 Flakemores Road, Eggs & Bacon Bay21 Coraki Street, Chigwell1/119 Cambridge Road, Bellerive53 Highfield Street, Moonah7 Dorset Street, Moonah16 Aldridge Court, Claremont59 Sinclair Avenue, Moonah15 Catherine Street, Berriedale16 Gallahar Place, Bridgewater36 Benjamin Terrace, New Norfolk23 Laurence Place, Gagebrook2 Cavendish Road, Moonah211 White Beach Road, White Beach2 Esk Avenue, Mount Stuart11 Lang Place, Glenorchy SOLD- $421,50042 Radcliff Crescent, Rosetta- SOLD $400,20014 Ruthwell Street, Montrose5 Fouche Avenue, Old Beach315 Hillcrest Road, Pawleena3 & 5 Garden Road, Moonah83 Charles Street, Moonah - SOLD $315,0003790 Arthur Highway, Murdunna3496 Arthur Highway, Murdunna14 Lachlan Drive, Mount Nelson14 Ruthwell Street, Montrose9 Gillies Road, Claremont - SOLD $320,00017 Ashbourne Grove, West Moonah- SOLD $360,0002 Booth Ave, Glenorchy- SOLD $430,00066 Fletcher Avenue, Moonah- SOLD $340,000121 Lindhill Ave, Geilston Bay - SOLD $675,00087 Currajong St, Mornington SOLD - $414,000160 Gillies Road, Granton2 Laurel Street, Risdon Vale- SOLD $320,0002 Tenth Ave, West Moonah SOLD -$795,000188 Old Jetty Road, Eaglehawk Neck- SOLD $85,00015 Loftus Street, Glenorchy - SOLD $362,0001/42 Culloden Ave, Lutana - SOLD $410,00011 Croyden Ave, Montrose - SOLD $495,00037 Kathleen Drive, Old Beach - SOLD $320,0002/10 Lennox Ave, Lutana- SOLD $400,00019 First Avenue, Midway Point SOLD $310,00012 Anne St, Berriedale- SOLD $376,000135 Daniels Road, Magra- SOLD $535,0007-11, 3 Staples Court, Old Beach15 Curtain Court, Brighton - SOLD $400,00019 Raynors Road, Midway Point SOLD $352,000130 Bradys Lake Road, Bradys Lake46 Carnegie Street, Claremont- SOLD $323,0004 Cavendish Road, Moonah SOLD $415,00054 Grosvenor Street, Sandy Bay - SOLD $740,00028 Easton Avenue, West Moonah SOLD- $460,00045 Harvey Road, Alonnah29 Wallcrest Road, Berriedale10 East Shelly Rd, Orford - SOLD $465,00013 Chatterton Court, Claremont- SOLD $490,00045 Upper Hilton Road, Claremont - SOLD $730,00064 Amy Street, West Moonah - SOLD125 Roslyn Ave, Blackmans Bay SOLD $510,00070 Montagu Street, New Norfolk- SOLD $242,5008 Walker Crescent, New Norfolk SOLD $227,0001/9 Coleman Street, Moonah8 Ash Street, Lutana SOLD $465,0001/5 Erebus Street, Warrane- SOLD $365,000340 Brooker Highway Moonah SOLD $435,0005 Mellifont Street, West Hobart - SOLD $675,0001505 Gordon River Rd, Westerway93 Tolosa Street, Glenorchy - SOLD $371,00064 Arunta Crescent, Chigwell- SOLD $272,00017/210 Chapel Street, Glenorchy36 Easton Ave, West Moonah SOLD77 Chippendale Street, Claremont - SOLD $316,00064 William Street, Brighton - SOLD $388,0005 Milpara Street, Berriedale- SOLD $255,5002 Summerhill Road, West Hobart Sold $725,00024 Eleventh Ave, West Moonah SOLD $400,000627 Huon Road, South Hobart- SOLD $641,00011 Hotham Court, Glenorchy- SOLD $370,0005 Tower Road, New Town- SOLD $740,00018 Penna Road, Midway Point SOLD $292,00053 Highfield Street, Moonah- SOLD $525,000SOLD - $380,000 - 7/38 Amiens Ave, Moonah30 Sycamore Road, Risdon Vale- SOLD $310,0008 Grenfell Place, Glenorchy SOLD $395,0003 Gerrard Street, Moonah- SOLD $455,000Townhouse 3/83 Athleen Ave, Lenah Valley SOLD $690,00030 Seventh Ave, West Moonah- SOLD $430,00028 Nicholas Drive, Kingston Beach- SOLD $705,0004 Elliston Street, Claremont SOLD $550,00017 Chatterton Court, Claremont95 Bass Street, Warrane - SOLD $370,00015 Dawkins Court, West Moonah - SOLD $665,0004 Crete Place, Oakdowns SOLD- $590,0004/43 Toorak Ave, Mount Stuart- SOLD $325,00038 Girrabong Road, Lenah Valley- SOLD $585,500New Home - 104 Chapel Street, Glenorchy37-39 Beach Road, Kingston Beach - SOLD $920,000229 Mary's Hope Road, Berriedale - $408,000532 Baskerville Road Old Beach SOLD $465,00071 Poets Road, West Hobart - SOLD $600,00029 Easton Avenue, West Moonah SOLD $555,00021 Paringa Road, Glenorchy - SOLD $385,0008 Ashbourne Grove, West Moonah - SOLD $418,0008 Mercer Street, New Town - SOLD $615,000Townhouse 2/83 Athleen Ave, Lenah Valley - SOLD58 Ashbourne Grove, West Moonah - SOLD2/1 Cleland Court, West Moonah SOLD $327,0009 Salvator Road, West Hobart - SOLD $721,00031 Corranga Drive, Chigwell - SOLD $390,00011 Musgrove Road, Geilston Bay - SOLD $710,0001/13 Burrows Ave, Brighton - SOLD18A Millvale Road, Dromedary - SOLD $167,00020 Valentine Street, New Town - SOLD $905,00016 Highfield Street, Moonah - SOLD $560,00014 Islington Road, Montrose - SOLD $405,0005 Cheviot Road, West Moonah - SOLD $642,00026 Kallista Road, Maydena- SOLD $230,00098 Doyle Avenue, Lenah Valley96 Doyle Avenue, Lenah Valley14 Milton Crescent, Moonah - SOLD $570,00027 Sawyer Avenue, West Moonah - SOLD $740,0007 McAulay Road, Sandy Bay2/11 Mona Street, Kingston SOLD $394,00080 Begonia Street, Lindisfarne SOLD $715,000112 Boxhill Road, Claremont SOLD $350,0001/16 Fairview Drive, Kingston - SOLD $425,0006 Brighton Court, Howrah - SOLD $485,00010 Cox Avenue, Lutana - SOLD $430,0009/215-217 New Town Road, New Town - SOLD $397,0002/128 Strickland Avenue, South Hobart2/60 Menin Drive, Brighton - SOLD22 Stansbury Street, Glenorchy - SOLD $422,0006 Peronne Avenue, Moonah - SOLD $521,00012 Second Avenue, West Moonah - SOLD $420,00058 Carella Street, Howrah - SOLD $675,0003 Cheviot Road, West Moonah - SOLD $450,00024 Reynolds Road, Midway Point- SOLD $431,0001/31 Barry Street, Glenorchy - SOLD $395,00063 Beach Street, Bellerive - SOLD $780,0001/15 Anfield Street, Glenorchy - SOLD $380,0001/7 Verbena Place, Glenorchy- SOLD $278,000149 Springfield Avenue, West Moonah - SOLD $570,0007 Simpson Place, Rosetta - SOLD $195,0001 & 2/26 O'Brien Street, Glenorchy - SOLD $610,0002/42 Twelfth Avenue, West Moonah - SOLD3 Fairisle Terrace, Howrah - SOLD $645,0001/18 Bermuka Street, West Moonah - SOLD140 Pitcairn Street, Montrose25 Bernacchi Drive, Orford - SOLD $235,00018 Hance Road, Howrah SOLD $522,00063 Hill Street, Bellerive - SOLD73-75 Goulburn Street, Hobart32 (Lot 221) Haskell Road, Brighton - SOLD $185,00028 Fosbrook Court, Montrose - SOLD $545,0002/11 Olive Place, Kingston - SOLD $465,00020 Lichan Place, Glenorchy18 Sawyer Avenue, West Moonah - SOLD40 Wignall Street, North Hobart - SOLD $845,0003/35 Cuthbertson Place, Lenah Valley - SOLD $410,00074 Branscombe Road, Claremont - UNDER OFFER3 Falcon Street, Primrose Sands - SOLD $130,00017 Cullen Street, Claremont23 Purdie Street, West Moonah16 Hurst Street, Bridgewater - SOLD $330,00011 Willow Walk, Austins Ferry1/17-19 Spring Street, Claremont1/76 Clarence Street, Bellerive69 Poets Road, West Hobart16 Sadri Court, New Norfolk52 Gordons Hill Road, Lindisfarne1/9 Coleman Street, Moonah